(1) Outline of research subjects


(2) Staff and Aspect of the laboratory


(3) Recent publication list



Although several subjects of researches are proceeding in our laboratory, especially following two topics recently have been focused. At the first, I would like to introduce the outline of those research subjects, and then introduce our laboratory.


(1) Outline of research subjects

   The first research subject is fundamental study on biological rhythm in rats and chick. The reason for usage of rats and chick is that circadian oscillator is localized in suprachiasmatic nucleus and pineal gland, respectively. Recently many clock-related genes have been discovered, and the regulatory mechanism ticking about 24 hour has been clarified. We recently discovered new peptide regulating circadian oscillator by collaboration with Dr. Kojima (Molecular Genetics, Institute of Life Science, Kurume University). This peptide consists of 23 amino acid, which was first purified from porcine spinal cord in 1985 and named neuromedine U (NMU). Actually, we found that NMU immuno-reactive cells and NMU specific receptors are abundant in suprachiasmatic nucleus. In addition, NMU knockout mouse erased the circadian locomotor activity rhythms. Intracerebroventricular injection of NMU caused phase-dependent phase shift of circadian rhythm in rats. So, NMU is expected as a new peptide regulating circadian oscillator. In avian species, we previously reported that individual pineal cell possesses photoreceptor, circadian oscillator and melatonin synthetic capacity. However, how clock produce the melatonin rhythm has been puzzle for a long time. We recently clarified the cascade for cellular signaling pathway between circadian oscillator and melatonin synthesis.

  The second research subject is fundamental and applied study on novel appetite stimulating hormone, ghrelin, and inhibitory hormone NMU, which has been supported by Nestle Science Promotion Committee. This subject has been begun since last four years, by collaboration with Dr. Nakazato (Third Department of Internal Medicine, Miyazaki Medical College ). Ghrelin was isolated as an endogenous ligand for GH secretagogue receptor, but we found that ghrelin has a strong appetite stimulating action. Our laboratory has unique research technique, such as punch out of specific nucleus from frozen brain slice within few minutes; this is applied to PCR and so on. In addition, in our laboratory, we used many field techniques including brain surgery, electrophysiology, endocrinology, reproduction, cell and tissue culture, immuno-histochemistry, RIA of several hormones, gene cloning, gene targeting animals and so on. These techniques are useful to search physiological functions of novel peptide. Using these techniques, we found that ghrelin plays important roles on fetal development, milk secretion, gastric acid secretion, and cell proliferation. On the other hand, we found that NMU also plays important role for reflection, stress, and biological rhythms.



(2)  Aspect of the laboratory

  Two staffs (Professor and assistant professor), 2 postdoctoral researchers , 2 technical officers, 2 doctor course students (1 foreign student from Egypt), 10 undergraduate students are belong in our laboratory in 2004. All students have to present their results or introduce some journal papers during our weekly laboratory meeting. As all students have a turn doing quickly, they have to work hard to prepare the experimental results for their next presentation. Actually, almost of them don’t have weekend holiday. In our veterinary course, there is no master course, because 6 years are required to graduate. Therefore, graduate thesis is very important credit courses. We actively encourage all students to present their experimental data at many academic conferences. Undergraduate students are obligated to present their research at any conferences once at least during undergraduate. They are looking forward to eat local dishes at place where a meeting is held. We also conduct undergraduate students to submit the manuscript to international journal. Sometimes some student writes two or three papers until graduation. Our laboratory have may parties as annual events, such as reception for new students in spring, camping in summer, Christmas party in winter, farewell party and so on.


Professor: Noboru Murakami


Assistant Professor: Keiko Nakahara


(3) Publication list



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