GAP-Certified University Farms

To offer Farm Training for students, the University Farms (the Kibana Agricultural Science Station, Field Science Center, Faculty of Agriculture) had to implement GAP. For this, the University Farms acquired GAP certifications. Table 2 shows the GAP certifications acquired by the University Farms. They are the GLOBALG.A.P. Version 4.0 Combinable Crops, the JGAP Cereals 2012 and the JGAP Fruits and Vegetables 2010. It is the first GAP-certified university farm in Japan. The certifications will be updated every year. There, students can experience GAP hands on.

Table 2. GAP certifications acquired by the university farms.
Certification Products Number Valid to
GLOBALG.A.P. Version 4.0 Combinable Crops Rice GGN:4052852637237 2014-11-20
JGAP Cereals 2012 Rice MIC-S-450000007 2014-12-12
JGAP Fruits and Vegetables 2010 Fruits and Vegetables, 30 items MIC-S-450000007 2015-12-12
GAP-Certified University Farms