SPICE(Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis)を用いた回路計算により、集光下や様々な条件下での太陽電池特性を再現し、高効率化を目指した設計に取り組んでいる。







  • 多種類の太陽光パネルを同一敷地内に設置することで、同一条件での発電量比較等の研究を推進する。
  • 太陽光発電設備の見学コースを設置し、児童・生徒等の環境教育に役立てる。


  • 体育館北集光1号機 14KW
  • 体育館北集光2号機 14KW
  • 体育館北集光3号機 10KW
  • 体育館北集光4号機 10KW
  • キャンパス南集光5号機 10KW
  • 付属図書館シリコン 50KW
  • (教文)実験研究棟CIS 60KW
  • (教文)実験研究棟CIS 40KW
  • 工学部E棟薄膜シリコン 4KW
  • 付属幼稚園 8KW
  • 付属小学校 10KW
  • 付属中学校 10KW

Development of concentrating solar cells

We are conducting research to improve the efficiency of concentrating solar cells, which are the next generation of solar cells.

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Improvement of silicon solar cell efficiency

We are working on anti-reflection of light on the surface of solar cells by forming nano- and sub-micron texture structures on silicon surfaces. When noble metal nanoparticles are applied onto silicon and dipped in an etching solution, the noble metal catalyzes the etching of silicon to form a textured structure. We are working to reduce the reflectance of the silicon surface by such a simple process, and are examining the application to the solar cell fabrication process.

Microfabrication of semiconductors

We are developing silicon microfabrication technology using an inexpensive oil-based ink as a mask.

Formation of high quality silicon oxide film using reaction of organosilicon polymer and low concentration ozone

The thin film transistor (TFT) is manufactured at a low temperature using an original method. We are working on application to TFT process by forming high quality silicon oxide film at low temperature and high speed by reaction of organosilicon polymer (silicone oil) and low concentration ozone.

Operation analysis of various solar cells using equivalent circuit

Development of an equivalent circuit that can express the structure of ultra-high efficiency multijunction solar cells in detail. We are working on design for high efficiency by reproducing solar cell characteristics under concentration and various conditions by circuit calculation using SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis).

Analysis of real-world output characteristics of photovoltaic system

Actual conditions of silicon solar power generation system (50 kW), CIGS solar power generation system (100 kW), concentrating solar power generation system (28 kW) installed at Miyazaki University We analyze the output characteristics under the environment.

Silicon formation from volcanic ash shirasu using beam down condenser

Using silica purified from volcanic ash Shirasu widely deposited in southern Kyushu, we are working on the formation of metallic silicon in a beam down condenser that generates high temperatures.

Miyazaki University Eco Campus

Eco-campus Overview

  • Promoting researches such as power generation comparison under the same conditions by installing many types of solar panels in the same site.
  • We set up a tour course for solar power generation equipment and use it for environmental education for children and students.

Solar power generation equipment (Total: 240 KW)

  • Gymnasium Hokkaido 1st machine 14KW
  • Gymnasium North Gathering No.2 Unit 14 KW
  • Gymnasium North Convergence Unit 3 Unit 10 KW
  • Gymnasium North Convergence Unit 4 Unit 10 KW
  • Campus South Confederation No. 5 Unit 10 KW
  • Attached library silicon 50 KW
  • (Article) Laboratory Research Building CIS 60 KW
  • (Article) Experiment Research Building CIS 40 KW
  • Engineering department E building thin film silicon 4 KW
  • Attached kindergarten 8 KW
  • 10 KW attached elementary school
  • Attached middle school 10 KW